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The Daydream Club And Megan Henwood – Live At The Monto Water Rats, Kings Cross

The Daydream Club took to the stage in support of  BBC Folk Award Winner Megan Henwood and instantly captivated the assembled crowd with a haunting new piano version of debut single The Record Shop, which the duo released on limited edition vinyl to coincide with Record Store Day.

Adam & Paula continued to wow with their intimate acoustic folk and sublime vocal harmonies which take on an instrumental quality in their own right. One of the joys of watching The Daydream Club is the chemistry between the two members, this combined with the strange and exotic instruments they bring to the stage and effortlessly switch between. Tonight was no different with the Melodica taking centre stage for the sea shanty-esque ‘English Rain’

A set highlight was the delicate ‘Alarms Ring Out’ which saw Paula take to the piano before being re-joined by Adam for the songs finale, producing a magical moment of intimacy and musical interplay.

They ended the show with ‘Neon Love Song’ an song which literally enveloped the room in love and happiness. Come back to London soon.

It would be easy to dismiss Megan Henwood as a Laura Marling clone….Young female singer songwriter, who displays a maturity beyond her years, armed with an acoustic guitar…(Sound familiar?)

Clearly fitting into the ‘new folk’ scene is seen as an opportunity to propel Megan in to the mainstream. But this doesn’t do her justice, Megan Henwood is fore-mostly a gifted singer songwriter who displays a refreshing honestly and bravery in her lyrics, Elliott Smith was mentioned as an influence and you can see why. Is she folk? Is she pop? frankly who cares – she’s just very good.

Further distancing her from Laura Marling was her assembled band, which notably featured Mathew Forbes on cello, this addition alone added a lush depth and orchestral swell that took her songs to a new level.

Check out her debut album Making Waves which is out now.