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10 Taylor Swift Alternatives For Your Next Playlist

10 Taylor Swift Alternatives. Discover these 10 female artists on Right Chord Music.

Let’s talk about Taylor Swift for a moment. She’s the biggest artist on Spotify with 26.1bn streams in 2023 alone, the charts are full of her music and when her tour swings into town the local economy gets a seismic bump! Is it just us or does it increasingly feel like she is the only female musician in the world? This article highlights 10 alternative female artists who deserve your ears and a place on your next playlist.

Discover our 10 female alternatives to Taylor Swift

1. Clare Siobhan

Clare Siobhan is a genre-bending East Coast artist with a voice beyond her years. As an independent artist, she self-produces and releases her music. Her deeply personal and introspective lyrics cover love and loss, hope and fear.  Her debut EP Seek The Sun is a wonderful collective of folk-pop songs that enthrall from start to finish.

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2. Izzy Potter

As a previous Right Chord Music ‘First Signs of Love Love‘ featured artist we had to include Izzy Potter on this list. This Nashville-based singer-songwriter writes Americana-infused folk about life, love and friendship. Have you heard juniper yet?!

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3. Darcy Fox

We first featured Darcy Fox on the RCM Blog back in June for her single Stone In My Shoe. This Melbourne-based singer-songwriter has since released her debut album Cameron Street an ode to queer love, friendship and finding your place. Each of the nine songs was written in her immortalised inner suburbs share-house.

“In a society that makes us wish our skin could be thicker, Darcy Fox’s ‘Stone In My Shoe’ proves that there is strength in vulnerability.”

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MÆHEM is the project of London-based artist Miriam. Already involved in the fashion scene, she’s stepping into music, having released her debut single earlier this year. MEAN2U is a proper ear-worm.

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5. Maïa Davies

Maïa Davies is a bilingual producer, songwriter and artist from Montreal, Canada. Having written for others she is now writing for herself. Check out her singles on Spotify including the powerful and poignant Stockholm which tackles the subject of abusive relationships, it flawed us!

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6. Maia

Emerging UK artist Maia first came to our attention with her single ‘Do’ a poignant and emotionally charged track that showcased her immense talent as a songwriter and vocalist. She has since released three more singles and we expect to see her star continue to rise in 2024.

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7. Wila Frank

Wila Frank, a 24-year-old Nashville-based songwriter, grew up in a bohemian rural community near the Oregon coast, surrounded by a passion for classical and folk music. At the young age of four, she began her musical journey by learning the violin and soon added piano, mandolin, cello, and guitar to her repertoire. Despite being deeply rooted in the world of folk music and the violin, Frank’s creative endeavours in songwriting led her to explore new emotions and musical styles. Her Ghosts & Guitars EP caught our attention and she has now released her debut full-length album Black Cloud. With 8 releases in 2023 alone, Wila Frank is a prolific producer of brilliant music.

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8. Harri Pick

Born in Somerset and now based in London Harri Pick has built a loyal and dedicated fan base with her confessional, honest lyrics and DIY attitude typified by ‘Broke’ that talks about the realities of London life. We’ve featured Harri Pick on the RCM twice this year and we expect to be hearing more from her in 2024.

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9. t.e.d

t.e.d is the moniker of South African-born Tanya Sholto-Douglas. She first wowed us with her single ‘Let Me Be’. t.e.d has been a singer her entire life but officially started her music career at eighteen. Now twenty-five, she is studying popular music at the University of Gloucestershire. She’s a skilled pianist, guitarist and vocalist.

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10 Esme Bridie

Esme Bridie’s debut EP explores womanhood, detailing the highs and lows of the female experience. The Liverpool-based artist is all about speaking her mind. Esme’s vocals are entrancing and captivating. 

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Words Mark Knight