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Clare Siobhan Paints Numbers And Colours On ‘3/2 (Loves Me)’

Claire Siobhan 3/2 Loves Me on Right Chord Music

Discover Clare Siobhan’s soulful ballad full of whimsy.

Clare Siobhan- ‘3/2 (Loves Me)’

Here’s one for the musical nerds out there – Clare Siobhan’s ‘3/2 (Loves Me)’ uses compound rhythms, constantly shifting the feel so you’re never certain where it sits, before ending the song with her counting out the overlapping 3/3 and 2/2 polyrhythms. She even weaves it into the lyrics in a romantic image – ‘dancing in 3, I am counting to 2’. But even if you’re not a diehard muso, you’ll still enjoy this gem of a song. 

Clare Siobhan is a singer-songwriter hailing from Nova Scotia. Already on track with releasing singles and gaining notice in various competitions, this release marks the first of several singles from an upcoming debut EP.

‘3/2 (Loves Me)’ is a soul-jazz-pop waltz that sweeps you away with its warmth and whimsy.

Siobhan’s crafted lyrics describe the disbelieving joy of falling in love, ranging from the wry – ‘we’re not a perfect match, we’re a perfect misfit’ – to the abstract – ‘he’s yellow and I’m blue’. (There’s even a hint of Van Gogh’s influence in the single art.) Her melodies are flowing and natural, and delivered in her full, pure vocals. 

The production begins with soulful piano chords, soon joined by a sultry bass, tied together by gentle steady beats and thrumming guitars. The backing vocals are particularly creative, showing soul and Motown influence one minute, and then leaning into something more psychedelic the next. There’s a delightful stream-of-consciousness feeling to it all, but in a natural and never overwhelming way. Fans of female singer-songwriters like Joni Mitchell, Paloma Faith and Norah Jones will find plenty to enjoy here. 

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Words Eden Tredwell