If you love Radiohead, you will probably love these six other bands & artists from the Right Chord Music blog archives.


I adore Radiohead, they were the first band I saw live (I set the bar high) and the first band I really loved. The Bends remains one of my favourite ever albums and the vinyl artwork is framed on the wall behind my left shoulder. I’ve been lucky enough to see them on four occasions but nothing will ever beat their hometown show in South Park, Oxford.

Here are 6 other bands and artists you probably don’t know but need to know and add to your next Spotify playlist.

1. Blackchords

Melbourne’s Blackchords first burst onto the scene back in 2010 with their debut self-titled album. The Fly magazine was quick to jump on them labelling them ‘The new Radiohead’ and they were duly added to new music festival lineups including SXSW and Great Escape.

The second album A Thin Line (2013) proved they were more than a one-trick pony and like Radiohead, their sound evolved with more electronic influences. The album landed them on TV soundtracks including Shameless, Suits, and Orange Is The New Black.

Now after an extended hiatus, they are back, and with two new singles (Through The Windows and No Place To Be) already in the world and a brand new album Connected // Forgotten fast approaching, Blackchords continue to be both exciting and relevant.

2. Midlight

After writing music together since school, Midlight first caught our attention by releasing a string of impressive singles in 2020 and 2021. For a while, they single-handedly soundtracked our Pandemic experience.

With a familiar Brit Pop sound that spans the sound of ‘Parachutes’ Coldplay to Ok Computer Radiohead, Despite the obvious reference points Midlight still managed to create their own slice of uniqueness most notably on their debut EP Above from Below.

3. National Service

National Service first began releasing music back in 2017, through the iconic indie label Fierce Panda. Since then, the four-piece band from North East London has been up and down the UK performing their music, a unique blend of tense, modern post-punk, new wave and indie rock. They are a band that somehow manages to summon delight and passion from darkness.

Caving a song about being crushed under the weight of self-expectation continues to stand out as a seminal release.

Their latest release ‘Milktooth’ is every bit as enthralling while their bleak yet poignant cover of‘Last January’ by The Twilight Sad should demand not only your respect but also your attention.

4. Officer

It’s fair to say Officer isn’t prolific, but when he releases music the wait is always worthwhile. While the world has rushed to consume the single, Officer continues to pour every fibre of his being into making brilliant albums. The sum really is greater than the parts.

So far there have been two albums: Myriads in 2015 and Night Tennis in 2020. Take time to drink them in, they get better with every listen, good headphones are essential.

Officer is also known as a compelling live act and frequently includes a cover of Radiohead’s Burn The Witch in his live set.

5. Brodie Milner

Brodie Milner creates art by drawing on the classics, and I don’t mean Radiohead. His 2020 release ‘Philomela’ explored rape culture through the lens of classical literature, while ‘Acheron’ from the same year is a reference to one of the rivers in Hades over which the souls of the dead were ferried by Charon.
But if you think for a second that there is a danger of pseudo-intellectualism over songwriting craft forget it. Brodie Milner makes brilliant music that deserves your ears.

Brodie Milner’s latest single ‘hedonist’ continues with the blend of sharp lyricism and intricate melodies that have come to define his sound. There are as many flashes of Dylan as there are of Fontaines DC. It’s an intoxicating formula.

6. Supercaan

Calling Supercaan just another post-punk band would be doing them a disservice. This band fits under many different genres, being a conglomerate of creative minds, passionate souls, and thought-provoking enthusiasts that aim to break conventional boundaries.

Their debut, self-titled album Supercaan was released in 2019 but our entry point came last year with the release of the single ‘Zoetrope’ a sharp observation of the double standards of the people who set the rules but choose to play by their own rules.

Supercaan have announced plans to release a new album in 2023 and ahead of that release have shared the single Belligerents. Based in Birmingham, London Wales and North Shields it’s no surprise that this album has taken over three years to record.

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Words Mark Knight