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Elsa Needs To Break Free On ‘Cannot Stay’

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In her final release of the year, R&B artist Elsa unveils ‘Cannot Stay’ a captivating piece with emotional depth.

Elsa – Cannot Stay

Originating from South London, Elsa, a singer-songwriter, seamlessly blends vulnerability and resilience in her soulful music. Her vocals and compelling songwriting enable her to vividly portray intricate emotions, adding to her unique and charming appeal.

With three singles and a remix under her belt within a year, Elsa has solidified her reputation as a must-see act, garnering tens of thousands of streams. Notably, her debut single, As You Please, featured on Love Island, while her second track, Fall, received airplay on BBC Radio London and 1Xtra. Elsa has also made impactful appearances at prestigious events like Cross The Tracks x Global Soul’s ‘One to Watch’ and Guap x UD’s ‘Up Next.’

Closing out an impressive year with Cannot Stay, Elsa delves into the unsettling sensation of longing for freedom, the desire to escape from an unpleasant situation.

In discussing the meaning behind Cannot Stay, Elsa shares, “We’ve all been there… We’ve all had the desire to escape, and for a time in my life that was all I knew. But I found solace in the end and this song expresses just that”

The track features a smooth and chilled production, creating an ethereal atmosphere reminiscent of walking in thin air. A resonant bassline intertwines with a nostalgia-infused hook, setting the stage for Elsa’s singjay-influenced vocals, skillfully delivering the heartfelt lyrics.

Cannot Stay emerges as a powerful anthem for breaking free, showcasing Elsa’s strengths in every aspect.

The polished production and brilliant songwriting underscore her ability to transform raw emotions into beautiful soundscapes. As Elsa’s quick rise and formidable streaming numbers attest, she is a mandatory listen for any R&B and soul enthusiast, solidifying her status as an emerging force in the music scene.

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Words Javier Rodriguez