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t.e.d Wows With New Single ‘Let Me Be’

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t.e.d is the moniker of South African-born Tanya Sholto-Douglas. Her new single Let Me Be, is a beautiful song that connects with its relatable and heartbreaking lyricism.

t.e.d – Let Me Be

t.e.d has been a singer her entire life but officially started her music career at eighteen years old. Now twenty-five, she is studying popular music at the University of Gloucestershire. She’s a skilled pianist, guitarist and vocalist and uses all her talents on Let Me Be.

The release of her 2020 debut EP ‘halfpace’ earned her a reputation for being a multifaceted musician, with the track ‘understandyou‘ reaching over 12,000 plays.

Let Me Be talks about the realization when someone isn’t good for you and the subsequent dissolution of the relationship. Overall, this empathetic piece deals with the human ability to change for the better and knowing when it’s appropriate to let go, even when that’s difficult.

Accentuated by beautiful piano chords, t.e.d’s powerful voice emphatically delivers the touching theme, with a sublime guitar solo near the end. All these elements make for an intense melody, which pours sentimentality.

“Let Me Be is a songwriting triumph, driven by its impactful musicianship and relatable themes. “

This composition shows t.e.d’s growth since her debut, putting all her skills to the limit by crafting a song that feels authentic and heartfelt. More like this will see her win even more fans.

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Words Javier Rodriguez