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First Signs of Love No 222 – wht.rbbt.obj


Discover Chicago’s wht.rbbt.obj our latest First Signs of Love featured artist. Our First Signs of Love feature is about the moment you find a new artist to love, and you simply can’t get enough. Discover more from our archive.

wht.rbbt.obj – Once More Dow The Rabbit Hole

The style of the Chicago married couple Francis & River, who work under the name wht.rbbt.obj, has been developed bit by bit since 2019, with the outstanding ‘Jolene’s Reply’ worthy of further exploration. (see video below).

‘Once More Down The Rabbit Hole’ was formed under the influence of blues, sharp hard rock and dramatic gangster films, the mixture presses on the listener with its impudence, pretentiousness, the smell of fumes, frowns from under cowboy hats, the steel sound of a revolver drum and hopelessness. Oh, poor Alice, who by great misfortune wandered into this dark forest…

Their heroes are unfriendly and mentally broken, life makes them hold on to the smallest glimpses of light in their souls stained with cinder and blood. All the associations and memories in the head are mixed together into an annoying picture of life, the images are surreal and evil. From the very beginning, the song creeps up to the listener little by little from behind, in order to grab him by the neck at the very end and drag him down the rabbit hole. And this endless fall, the climax of this brutal noir novel is emphasized by the adrenaline howl of the guitars, vocals breaking on the last breath and the constant raising of the stakes. 

‘Once More Down The Rabbit Hole’ by wht.rbbt.obj is brutal and a tragic-noir, full of desperate images and Stockholm Syndrome, which somehow manages to also be both stylish and seductive.

The skill of the musicians to build a gradual development of the story in front of the listener should be admired. The song starts with ambient dirty guitar structures, groovy basslines, romantically pathetic Janis Joplin vocals, and later it all grows step by step into a whole explosion of flying petals, bullets, and curses. ‘Once More Down The Rabbit Hole’ is cruel and unforgivable, but also damn stylish. She seems to beckon you to her, like a mermaid in a delusional dream, to steal with her to the bottom and no one will hear your call for help.

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Words Otis Cohan Mone