Prospect Lux. EP1 (RCM Exclusive)

Prospect Lux is the alter ego of Brooklyn-based multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter and producer, Michael Spivack. EP-1, Prospect Lux’s 5-track debut, is a collection of tracks that bounce between atmospheric, melancholic yet optimistic electro-acoustic sounds. Second track “Screen Time” sets the tone for the EP and features a Foals-esque riff over a sound that had us thinking

Venus Demilo. Shinking Ships

Liverpool based Indie newcomers Venus Demilo are back with a wonderfully gripping new single called ‘Sinking Ships’.  The depth and feel of the song is reminiscent of bands like Bombay Bicycle Club, Foals and Bastille and tells a story that anyone can resonate with. According to lyricist Tom, the track was written for all those people who are tired of having

Sunset Sons – On The Road

Sunset Sons released new single, ‘On The Road’, on October 16 through the FRENCH EXIT label, and recently played the first edition of London’s new Community Festival. Sunset Sons came into being when Rory, Pete, Jed and Rob encountered each other whilst pursuing their love of surfing in the sleepy French beach town of Hossegor. Drummer Jed came across frontman Rory

Live Review. Escapists – Elefest Festival

This year’s Elefest Festival kicked off with a new music line-up culminating with indie rockers Escapists topping the bill at Elephant & Castles’ landmark venue, The Coronet. After a raw and dynamic performance from Lois Winstone of Lois and the Loves, the London quartet had a lot to compete with on the night in terms

First Signs Of Love No 121. Mammals ‘Wolf’

Since 2011, Guy Brown has been writing and performing under the name Mammals. Hailing from Sydney’s Northern Beaches (think Home & Away) he blends folk, electronic and indie rock, and leaves the listener with little doubt that this is an artist who spends a lot of time by the ocean. Lyrically personal, Mammals’ debut Animalia

The Preatures. Manic Baby

Having previously highlighted ‘The Preatures’ talent on this blog ‘Manic Baby’ is their latest track to reach RCM ears. It comes from the new EP ‘Is This How You Feel?’ which launched in Australia on August 9th and is available to download from iTunes. A Foals: Inhaler-esque intro leads in to the melody which wraps seamlessly around a simple

Band Of The Week. Courts

Courts from Basildon are a worthy choice for our band of the week, and seeing as you can get their EP No Knowledge No Heart for FREE, there should be no excuse as to why you aren’t listening to them!  The EP provides something for everyone, Roll For The Sun (a former Amazing Radio record

New Music Monday: Introducing Book Affair

                        I always think the best music, is the music that inspires you to go and listen to other great music…in an Amazon if you like this, you’ll probably like this kinda way. Before you know it, you’ve lost several hours reminiscing about incredible

New Music Monday: Francis Neve ‘Dance Around The Fire’

                  Francis Neve is a self released artist from London. Discovering his mini album, ‘The Second Time We First Met,’ was one of our new musical highlights of 2010. There’s a genuine sincerity and passion flowing from his music that hooked us in. The second track ‘Come Near’ begins

New Music Monday. Introducing Cold Specks

                  The music that always grabs us the most, is cut through music. Cut through music literally stops you in your tracks, it silences a room and makes your heart beat a little quicker. These moments are rare and that’s what makes them exciting. Cold Specks aka Canadian singer