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Blackchords Make Their Feelings Known With ‘No Place No Be’

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Blackchords rage against the failings of leadership on ‘No Place To Be’ the second instalment from their highly anticipated new EP.

Blackchords – No Place To Be

No Place To Be, from Melbourne’s Blackchords, is an open letter of apology to our children and the children of the future. It gently seethes with anger and frustration at those in power who have continued to prioritise personal gratification over choosing to do the right thing for our planet.

From the opening lines, there appears to be a bleak inevitability, with the idea we are simply left waiting for the riots and the rising seas.  “I’m sorry at what we left for you” utters singer Nick Milwright. During this track, you’ll find certain phrases stick to you “It’s a nightmare” and “baby I’m a lost cause” spin continuously in your head. This is music laden with both power and responsibility.

But just when you could be forgiven for thinking ‘what’s the point?’ something changes. Halfway through there is a yelp from Milwright which seems to signal the start of the fight back. Backed by Damian Cazaly’s guitar, the track builds and swells to a glorious resolution, that any fans of Foals will immediately appreciate and adore. Just like the pressure being released from a tightly bound gas canister, there is a sense of air in your lungs and hope in your heart. From dark, impossible beginnings, this track emerges feeling both optimistic and hugely empowering. The revolution might not be televised, but let’s face it, we’ll probably see it on TikTok.

Released using the now customary waterfall method, Blackchords allow listeners a second chance to discover the previous release ‘ Through The Windows’ and it’s remarkable how this early release takes on a new life when sitting alongside No Place To Be. The sum of the parts does really add up. Suddenly there is a coherence to this unfolding story. We can’t wait to hear the next chapter.

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Words Mark Knight