Tribal Dance – You Can’t Swim


After being credited with a Dublin math-rock revival and being named as one of the Top 50 Acts of 2018 by the Nialler9 blog, Tribal Dance release their explosive new single ‘You Can’t Swim.’

To say it’s been great 12 months for Tribal Dance would be an understatement. After initially forming just to perform at house parties, the experimental three-piece are turning heads with their abrasive and unconventional sound.

You Can’t Swim

Following the success of their sophomore release the intriguing titled ‘And Then All That Was Left Was A Physician and a Silhouette‘ Tribal Dance return with new single ‘You Can’t Swim’.

There is no doubt You Can’t Swim would be the soundtrack to an outstanding and probably fairly debortuous house-party, we look forward to receiving our invite. Combining high intensity rhythms and impassioned vocals, Tribal Dance sound like the harder, older brother of Antidotes era Foals. You’d want them as your friend.

Tribal Dance Live

Tribal Dance are building a reputation for their manic and unpredictable live shows. If you’re in the area buy or blag your way on to the guest list to seem them headline The Grand Social, Dublin on May 4th.

The You Can’t Swim Video

The lyrics and accompanying video for ‘You Can’t Swim’ explore the the contrast between unrealistic expectations and reality.

“We wanted to try and emulate the perfect one shot video that still had elements of human error to make it less perfect and more real…” says lyricist Adam Smyth, “What you get is this imperfect linear one shot take which highlights that the human aspect to making art sometimes aims to be ‘too perfect’ and can sometimes be unnatural or artificial”. He continues by adding “…we always think our recordings are the somewhat ‘ideal’ version our music, but when you see us live it’s a lot more raw”.

The video was directed by Cillian Byrne, shot by Conor Dockery, edited by Leo Clarke and produced by Sarah Collins.

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