The Daydream Club ‘Two Player Games’ Is A Lighthearted Celebration of Friendship

Salt & Pepper, Strawberries & Cream, Fish & Chips… over the years we’ve figured out that certain things just go together and life is often much better when it’s paired with something complimentary. Two Player Games by The Daydream Club is a light-hearted celebration of friendship.

The Daydream Club – Two Player Games

In recent years TDC have studiously built an enviable collection of music, easily suited for the purists, with serious themes, complex production and fastidious attention to detail. This contrasts with their new single ‘Two Player Games’ which honestly is just a lot of fun. It feels like the shackles are off, with its lo-fi acoustic, campfire, sing-a-long tone, simple arrangement and witty lyrics this release gives us a snap-shot into the more playful side of TDC members Adam & Paula Pickering.

“Two-Player Games notes how even the most mundane elements of life are improved when shared with someone special.”

The accompanying video doesn’t take itself too seriously either. Featuring Adam and his real-life childhood friend Nathan battling it out at ping pong dressed like 80’s tennis rejects.

This is the second single to feature on the duo’s new Song Stream project. Rather than working on an entire album, they are releasing songs as they write/record them. For more about Song Stream click here.

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Words Mark Knight