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Jack Hinks Takes On Depression With The Emperor

Jack Hinks - Emperor

Massive instrumentals and a ruggedly smooth voice hit you like a ton of bricks in the opening of The Emperor, a track by Edinburgh-based singer/songwriter Jack Hinks. 

Jack Hinks – The Emperor

Jack Hinks, is a Scottish music producer and a singer/songwriter. His music is permeated by guitar playing and introspective lyrics with a deep theme and meaning. He has been a source of various multidisciplinary musical projects across different genres. However, his latest work represents a pattern of emotions and actions like acceptance (Jigsaw), anger (Plastercast), bargaining (God), and ultimately, depression (The Emperor). ‘The Emperor’ is a self-reflection on sacrifice, change, and maturity.

The entire song is pulsating with guitar reverb B (B-flat) minor key and Alt key of 3A. The whole song follows a slow and soft melody with 60 BPM, perfect for the theme of depression conveyed in the song. Jack Hinks has artistically added layers of instrument alongside the primary guitar. The listeners can hear the saxophone in different parts of the song for a short time. The rarity of the saxophone focusing on the liminal sound space and the melodic tune leave the listeners yearning for more. An echoing tone rightly complements the awe-inspiring music composition. Jack Hinks combines all the discrete aspects skillfully and wonderfully in ‘The Emperor.’ The entire song gives an enchanting tone to the listeners, enhancing the powerful theme of depression portrayed in the music.

The lyrics are another important reason behind the song’s uniqueness, creativeness, and likability. The song’s poetic lyrics are a great addition to the overall vibe. Through the deep sea of words, Jack Hinks discusses sensitive topics of sacrifice, maturity, and change in an artistic manner. He has masterfully created strong imagery, initially depicting pain, then thoughts, and ultimately how it shaped him for the better (change).

The incredible rhyme scheme in the first two lines of each stanza adorns the entire song, while the last two lines of each stanza symbolize the breakage (that occurs) in depression. Ultimately, Hink’s singing is fueled by an ocean of emotions felt in his voice, with the vocals rising and falling accordingly. However, all the aspects of the song not only embellish the central theme but also give a deeper meaning, vibe, fascinating tale, great melody, and a perfectly balanced musical composition.

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Words Bianca Fernandes