If like me, you struggle to find presents for that special someone in your life, award-winning musical duo, The Daydream Club might just have the answer. They are offering a FREE personalised song in exchange for your stories. Click here to find out more.

Introducing The Daydream Club

The Daydream Club are a multi-genre British music duo formed in 2010 by the now husband and wife pairing, Adam and Paula Pickering. Independently produced and self-released, they have amassed over 100 Million career streams to date, with a catalogue as wide-ranging as it is distinctive. The duo has been featured in Vogue, Rolling Stone Magazine and modelled for Burberry.

Song Stream – Personalised Songs

Give the gift of a free personalised song from The Daydream Club

The Daydream Club have launched ‘Song Stream – Personalised Songs,’ as a way to up their creative output and build their already impressive momentum. Rather than spending a year writing an album and then building to release, they plan to release a steady stream of songs as they write them. This allows them to work more fluidly, working on multiple albums simultaneously with the potential for each single to be completely different from the last.

But it doesn’t stop there, speaking about the concept Adam and Paula explain…

“Our favourite projects have always been when we have involved fans in the creative process, so we want to involve you again… we want to hear your stories.”

How to get a personalised song?

Anyone can receive a personalised song, it’s completely free. In return for a truly unique and original gift, The Daydream Club just want your stories and your inspiration. Register now.

Please note The Daydream Club reserve the right to choose which stories to turn into songs, and they can’t always guarantee a song can be produced by a specific deadline. But if they love your story, they will be in touch to discuss what is possible.

Get a personalised song about…

  • Your life
  • Someone your love
  • Something that troubles you
  • Something you’re struggling with
  • An amazing person you miss
  • A new baby
  • Someone or something you’ve lost

In fact, anything you desire as long as it means something to you. If The Daydream Club feel inspired by one of your stories they will write a song about it and it will become part of their Song Stream.

Previous Personalised Song Projects

The Daydream Club are not new to the idea of personalised music. Back in 2018, they released an album called Piano Project // With You In Mind which resulted in the production and subsequent release of 10 spontaneous piano improvisations.

To produce the album The Daydream Club hosted a series of online concerts where they invited audience members to be a part of the creative process by submitting thoughts, feelings and memories for the duo to use as inspiration for piano improvisations. This album features some of the live recordings from those concerts.

You can read more about that project here: The Daydream Club ‘For The Lost Ones’

Discover more about The Daydream Club on RCM

Words Mark Knight