The Coco’nuts dedicate new single ‘See You Dance Again’ to lost nightlife

The Coco’nuts latest release, See You Dance Again, is the perfect track to whirl away your winter blues to. It’s upbeat and funky, with charming lyrics and a fun, care-free vibe that dedicates itself to the nightlife lost to the coronavirus pandemic.

Introducing The Coco-nuts

The Coco’nuts are a band from Latvia that combines funk, blues, swing, and indie tunes in a mind-blowing musical jungle.

The Coco’nuts ‘See You Dance Again’

The bands new single See You Dance Again is a throwback to nights spent in clubs, bars and entertainment. The accompanying music video tells the story of a seemingly regular weeknight. Except, the band’s six members fall into the role of a very conspicuous character, think Dumbledore after a few too many pints. Party-Dumbledore tours the desolate streets of Riga, searching for a place to dance and meet people, but alas, everywhere is empty. He ends up dancing the night away on his own.

Speaking more on the motivation behind their track, lead singer Marija Valmiera has said:

“2020 has been hard for everyone. Latvian government literally banned dancing in October, the whole world faced pandemic restrictions, we were all locked in our homes — life will never be the same again. See You Dance Again is a visual and audio testimony to today’s reality, and an invite to stay creative and continue to support, enjoy and consume culture, even if it means dancing alone in the middle of the street.”

About The Coco’nuts

The six band members have embarked on a common musical journey since 2012. So far, the group has performed at a number of local as well as foreign festivals and events. In November 2019, the band represented Latvia at the China-Central and Eastern European (CEE) Music Week in Chengdu, China. The band is currently working on their third studio album which will be released in Summer 2020

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Words Rachel Makinson