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Me, Charles – Summer of Hate ’18

Me, Charles

‘Summer of Hate ’18 is the very special single from South London jazz producer ‘Me, Charles’. They’re hitting the ground running in an already electrifying circuit with King Krule, Yussef Dayes and Blue Lab Beats leading the new wave of electronica flavoured jazz which is lighting up the London scene.

Summer of Hate 18

The opening starts in an emotional rumble and sets the inflection for the rest of the single, the musical themes are well articulated but hold off until later in the experience to be fully uncovered. From the beginning the vocals entrance the listener within the Edgar Allen Poe-Esque lyricism touching on themes of addiction and cynicism delicately woven into the fabric of ripe bossa-nova rhythms and tango cadences, uniting the guitar focused writing together; which can be heard in the singer songwriter roots, hanging quietly in the background, translating the psychedelic hysteria into well-executed song craft.

Melancholic, deliberate and manic – at times not dissimilar in tone to Tyler, the Creator – while still being able to hold onto a playful innocence and is what makes Summer of Hate ’18 – as a whole – charming to listen to. ‘Me, Charles’ has the organic energy felt in the delightful and sincere melodic movements throughout.

‘Summer of Hate ‘18 is one of the most exciting releases of 2020 for London jazz music.

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Words James Elliott