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The Mermaids shimmer on debut L’auntre

Mermaids L'auntre

L’auntre is the debut single by Stockholm-based band The Mermaids. Fresh, smooth, and shimmering; this brilliant track will have you thinking of warm days and new horizons as it promotes and explores the bliss of personal freedom and adventures. The Mermaids’ distinctive sound will fill your mind up with inspiration and creativity.

The Mermaids – L’auntre

The Mermaids borrow their name from a popular live music bar in the Tokyo Bay Area. The bar was famous for its Wednesday act “The Mermaids”, an art collective with an interchangeable set of members who would do adult performance art in exchange for food and drinks. However, after a period of rivalry with the neighbouring Yakuza clan, the Hathoru-Guccis, both The Mermaids and well-respected bar owner, Brent, disappeared.

The band recounted that the disappearance of Brent and the famous The Mermaids bar was a big blow to the cultural scene of the Tokyo Bay Area. After an initial period of vowing never to perform ever again, the band soon realised their need for music and live performance. Ever since The Mermaids have been working hard at creating new and brilliant sounds. Lucky, because otherwise, we wouldn’t get to experience the glimmering sensation that is L’auntre. We can’t wait to hear more of The Mermaids’ incredible work.

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Words Rachel Makinson