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Frank’s White Canvas – Sleep, Work, Eat

Introducing Frank's White Canvas, a female rock duo from Santiago de Chile and 'Sleep, Work, Eat' the lead single from their new album produced by Dimitri...

Strangers – Close EP

When we heard that Strangers were releasing a brand new EP, we thought Christmas had come early. Every month since July the London based...

RCM Interview. Pete Maher U2’s Mastering Engineer

  Introduce yourself - who are you and what do you do? I'm Pete Maher and I'm a mastering engineer based in Brighton, England. My clients...

#FSOL 25. Strangers ‘Safe/Pain’

Positioned as the modern-day Depeche Mode, Strangers are bringing the magic of 80’s electro-pop to 2012. The band, hailing from Northampton, is made up...