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#FSOL 25. Strangers ‘Safe/Pain’


Positioned as the modern-day Depeche Mode, Strangers are bringing the magic of 80’s electro-pop to 2012. The band, hailing from Northampton, is made up of 3 rather dapper young men. Rather elusive as a group, this darkness to their persona only highlights their moody and emotive music further.

Focused on dark electro-pop throughout their musical journey, the bands latest offering ‘Safe/Pain’ is different, with a beautifully English quality to it. A lovely colloquial style to the lyrics and vocals opens the song with gorgeous mellow vibes. A stunning symmetry to the lyrics and the melody give the single a roundness that makes it really stand out. There is still the dark edginess to their music, which is so characteristic of Strangers, yet the soft opening gives the song depth. As it progresses, ‘Safe/Pain’ introduces synthesisers and draws a deep emotion to the track.

Strangers previous singles ‘If I Found Love’ and ‘Promises,’ are far more focused on electro-pop. With harder drum and bass inspired musicality, their previous singles are definitely ones that make you get up and dance. What ‘Safe/Pain’ offers is so much more. The single is mature and complex but somehow very natural. It is like the band have been waiting for this single for a long time, and it is by far their finest song to date. This is in-your-face electro-pop with a delicacy that is often lost in the genre.

Their music inspires images of Friendly Fires and AWOLNATION, but Strangers have something more to give. So, if you enjoy well-written and gritty songs with a dancy electro twist, Strangers new track is a must. ‘Safe/Pain’ is out on general release on 20th August on Beatwolf Records.

Update: As an extra special bonus here is Strangers genius reworking of Haddaway’s ‘What Is Love’

Jen Grimble.