Get Tangled Up With Birdeatsbaby ‘Ribbons’

Become spellbound by the intoxicating melodies and vocals of Birdeatsbaby’s new single Ribbons.

Birdeatsbaby – Ribbons

Hypnotic multi-instrumentalist group, Birdeatsbaby have climbed into the progressive rock and metal spheres. Having worked with the likes of Paul Reeve, who has worked with Muse, and John Fryer who has worked with Nine Inch Nails and Depeche Mode, Birdeatsbaby has flourished into their own distinctive and eclectic sound.

Their previous album ‘The World Conspires’ gained the group further notoriety in the prog-rock circle. Last year, their track The Trouble catapulted them to a wider audience, when it appeared on Channel 4’s Close To Me. Now the band prepares for the release of their sixth studio album, ‘HEX’, with the first single being Ribbons.

Ribbons hooks you in almost instantly with its rhythmic and enchanting sound which strikes the right balance between heaviness and individualism. You know you’re in for a treat. The vocals are slightly muffled to deliver an enjoyable hypnotic feel, but the lyrics are still crisp and clear. The subtle yet effective transition to the chorus wraps you in a mesmerising cinematic melody that plays up the occult-like vibe of their upcoming album. Ribbons truly reels you into wanting more, leaving you anticipating the rest of the album.

Birdeatsbaby maintains the intrigue throughout the track through different sound levels, with the instruments dipping in and out to heighten that entrancing state.

“Ribbons is a track you can easily put on repeat and you’ll never grow tired of its bewitching sound.”

The heaviness gradually ramps up with Mishkin Fitzgerald‘s vocals becoming less muffled but also layered, with the muffled effect returning throughout the track which, when all combined, makes you feel as though you are on a journey. These unique effects and patterns pay homage to the Muse and theatrical influences coming through. Ribbons is quite simply a track you will fall in love with within the first listen.

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Words Holly Hammond