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AHI Soul Checked

RCM Exclusive. AHI – Soul Checked

After 5 months and over 70 shows in the UK/Europe, Canadian recording artist AHI (pronounced "I") is back in Toronto and planning the release of the Indie Soul...
AHI Artist of The Week

AHI – Artist Of The Week

Canadian singer-songwriter AHI is not solely a talented musician, but the originator of his own musical genre, ‘BLUEBLACKmusic.’ Rich, soulful vocals and melodious harmonies...

Relive The 2000s With Valere’s ‘Stuck In My Head’

Get ready to be hit with a wave of nostalgia, as we explore Valere's latest track 'Stuck In My Head.'  Valere - Stuck In My...
Elliot Porter Another You

Elliot Porter Wonders If There Will Be ‘Another You’

Introducing Elliot Porter 'Another You' a singer-songwriter ballad with folk tones and touching imagery. Elliot Porter - ‘Another You’ ‘Pull yourself out of the rubble, there’s...

Five New Female Fronted Rock Bands You Need To Hear

Here at Right Chord Music, we've always had a penchant for loud, and recently it feels like our 'loud itch' is being scratched by...
Jeanika - Senses

Jeanika Touches Our ‘Senses’ With Freestyle Inspired New Single

Canadian R&B singer Jeanika has had a good year with a string of well-received singles, amassing a significant quantity of fans in the process....
Liam Vincent & The Odd Foxes - Watching Youvideo

Liam Vincent & The Odd Foxes Are ‘Watching You’

What started as a solo project in the Midlands soon became a collective of ideas, dreams, and social conscience. Liam Vincent & The Odd...
Lia Hide - Row Row Row

Lia Hide Release Hypnotic Trip-Hop Track Row Row Row

If you don’t like predictable music, Lia Hide is what you’re looking for. The Greek trio, consisting of Lia Hide on piano and vocals,...

Dan McKean Wins Hearts With ‘Wheat EP’

Dan McKean Offers Up Sparkling Songs With Depth And Emotion On New EP, Wheat Dan McKean - Wheat EP Anglo-Iranian, Oxford-based singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Dan McKean...
Leon Stanford Love Is A Colour

Leon Stanford’s soul convinces us that ‘Love Is A Colour’

‘Love is a colour, happiness is one too’ goes the titular refrain of Leon Stanford’s ‘Love Is A Colour’. An interesting statement (I think...

Desmond Myers reveals his delicately soulful debut album Shadowdancer

Balancing between the cities of Atlanta and Paris, Desmond Myers continues to surprise with the delicately crafted debut album Shadowdancer.  Desmond Myers - Shadowdancer Influenced highly...
Arttu Silvast Polarity

Arttu Silvast’s melodic dream of ‘Svalbard’

It is said that music has the power to transport us to another world. Well, composer Arttu Silvast has taken on that challenge in...