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Elliot Porter Wonders If There Will Be ‘Another You’

Elliot Porter Another You

Introducing Elliot Porter ‘Another You’ a singer-songwriter ballad with folk tones and touching imagery.

Elliot Porter – ‘Another You’

‘Pull yourself out of the rubble, there’s no search party’, sings the opening line of Elliot Porter’s ‘Another You’, with a grim-faced and slightly masochistic address to himself. The whole song appears to be a monologue, addressing himself, his lost love, and whoever else is listening, and it touches on some very real thoughts we all have through heartbreak and loss.

Elliot Porter is a singer-songwriter based in Cambridge. Born to a musical family, he’s been steadily releasing for a while now, earning him regional and national radio plays and various support slots.

‘Another You’ is a thoughtful singer-songwriter ballad, a stripped-down collection of thoughts with a poetic edge.

There’s some beautiful imagery as Porter remembers the dizzying heights of love – ‘Now I’m falling through your rooftop’ – as well as its less glamorous realities – ‘No one’s gonna love you like the night I held your head up’. They’re set to simple, floating melodies and delivered in Porter’s sensitive vocals, with just a hint of a quaver to them. The song weaves its way before landing at the titular phrase at the end, like a conclusion – ‘I’m stuck here wondering if there’s gonna be another you’.

The song balances guitar and piano, folk-esque picking patterns and gentle chords, but little else, leaving the focus on the words and vocals. Porter mentions Frank Turner as an influence, and another might be Norah Jones. It’s an easy listen with some surprisingly evocative imagery, and a good choice for any fans wanting a thoughtful breakup tune.

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Words Eden Tredwell