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Rakovicky Soldier On Through Their ‘Ghost Town’

Rakovicky Ghost Town on Right Chord Music

The new single by Slovak band Rakovicky, ‘Ghost Town’ tells a tale of heartbreak and newfound hope.

Rakovicky – Ghost Town

Killer guitars start laying the ground, stirring a lingering melancholic tone with their bittersweet strumming. And yet, it’s the war drums that drive the sound forward with a sense of resilience. This is a man setting off on a quest for meaning right when all hope seems lost. That’s the story being told in Slovak band Rakovicky’s properly titled new single “Ghost Town”.

Lead singer Marek, who lends the band his surname, wields his hurtful and understated singing to lay out the dark turns his life has taken in the verses. He does, however, always make it a point to end every stanza on a hopeful note. “Ghosts are playing/Minds are praying/Count on me and I will do the same”, he goes, always inviting his loved one to hold his hand so they can soldier on together.

He musters a bit more momentum in the chorus, though, stopping just short of wailing, as simple piano chords join the soundscape. “Hold on to who we are/Maybe we could stop”, he belts accompanied by a solemn choir. There may be a light at the end of the tunnel. And, even though they cannot see it just yet, they’re much more likely to find by sticking together.

Hailing from Bratislava, Marek Rakovicky has been turning to singing and songwriting as an outlet for his deepest emotions ever since his childhood. He is also a producer and sound engineer, lending his behind-the-scenes talent to a number of other artists in his LVGNC studios.

“The killer melancholic guitar strumming combines with the resilient war drums to create an effect of soldiering on through tough times.”

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Words Fernando de Oliveira Lúcio