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Digsby Get Inside Our Head With ‘Buzzing Fly’

Digsby Buzzing Fly on Right Chord Music

The third single off Digsby’s upcoming EP takes us on an eerie mind trip.

Digsby – ‘Buzzing Fly’

Mustering all that irresistible sleaziness of old-school blues rock, a simple bass riff, paired up with a guitar, sets us off on this mental trip. “Bad to the bone”? Well, more like stoned to the bone this time. Though initially, the soundscape sends a few nods to bad boy biker rock, lead vocalist Joe Webb doesn’t sound so keen on looking for trouble and getting into brawls for the sake of it. He’s way too engaged in his own mind trip on his journey back home.

He actually sounds playful as he utters such paranoid words as “Now I turn my face to see/Invisible people are talking to me” to the rippling sound of distorted guitars and keyboards. “Nobody said we had to suffeeeeer”, he wails in his surprise. To then winkingly add “Not if we beat them to it”. The playfulness gets upped a notch as his “dadada”s glide along the solo near the song’s last third.

Every second of this track is designed to draw you into this world of spooky supernatural images and unspeakable sounds and sensations our lad is experiencing. And it’s so flawlessly crafted it kind of hurts… Even the way they quietly reprise the chorus a cappella right after the solo to suddenly kick off the instrumentation full-throttle in the second verse is a blast!

This is alternative British rock at its best, combining all obligatory ingredients: killer guitar and bass work, a mix of vintage and psychedelic sound fabrics, a self-deprecating devil-may-care demeanour and, most important of all, tonnes of highly contagious uncompromised fun!

Digsby hails from Bristol and this is the third single off their upcoming EP “Invisible People”, due in December. Next single “The River” is due in October.

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Words Fernando de Oliveira Lúcio