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Bon Feu Bring You ‘Everlasting Flowers’

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Discover Bon Feu’s throwback indie pop.

Bon Feu – ‘Everlasting Flowers’

If you’re a Bon Feu fan, you must have a lot of patience – their debut album has been 20 years in the making. ‘Strange Place’ is only seeing the light of day now, due to various reasons and family complications, yet it manages not to sound dated. Let’s take a look at the single ‘Everlasting Flowers’. 

Bon Feu is the project of singer-songwriter Marcus Valance and producer-instrumentalist Joel Bogen, and they’ve brought legendary producer Tim Palmer on board to mix, who’s worked with the likes of U2 and Pearl Jam.

‘Everlasting Flowers’ is a melancholic yet euphoric indie-pop anthem dedicated to love and endurance.

The lyrics are richly written but opaque – ‘Put me in an audience of permanent addiction, I will grow’ – yet seem to address a troubled loved one, who is ‘tying up your confidence in love’ and is ‘under stress’. However the devotion of the simple chorus, ‘I will bring you everlasting flowers’, is clear to see. This is all delivered in lush, cascading melodies and gravelly yet emotive lead vocals, giving the troubled lyrics a sense of euphoria. 

The production centres around melodic, chiming guitar lines and warm piano chords. With a humming bassline, steady, snappy drum beats, and some confident lead guitar lines, fans of late 90s and early 2000s acts like The Verve, Elbow and Oasis will find something to enjoy here. Attracted listeners should check out the full debut album ‘Strange Place’, and see if this 20-year-old catalogue still rings true for them. 

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Words Eden Tredwell