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Mica & The Midnight Blue Go Deep On ‘Human Beings’

Mica & The Midnight Blue 'Human Beings' on Right Chord Music Blog

Mica & The Midnight Blue tackle a thought-provoking subject with a formidable production on their new single Human Beings.

Mica & The Midnight Blue – Human Beings

Hailing from Surrey, Mica & The Midnight Blue successfully combines indie harmonies with the poetic sensibility of folk, resulting in a unique sound that they have accurately described as ‘folk calypso’.

So far, this four-piece has earned significant support, which includes BBC Introducing: The South, Eagle Radio, and Radio Wigwam.

They have also performed at Guilfest, Jurassic Fields Festival, and HowTheLightGetsIn, among many others.

For their new single, this group has risen to the occasion, offering a tune with top-notch songwriting that depicts a pretty interesting topic.

Human Beings questions the disparity between the stereotypical image of being British and the contrasting reality. It also points out the unfairness of today’s current system, criticizing the fact that so much pressure is laid on those who have less.

The engaging lyrical display finds its equal match in a colourful instrumentation that invades your senses. A beautiful acapella rendition is followed by an infectious bassline and subtle drum beats, going at full force when the satisfying guitar strumming comes into play, reaching a euphoric climax in one of the catchiest choruses you will hear in quite a while.

“Enticing musicianship, a mesmerizing performance, and top-tier songwriting, Human Beings is everything you could hope to expect from a single.”

Fortunately, there is more music to come from this band. This track is the first of three singles to be released, which will pave the way for Mica & The Midnight Blue’s new EP, ‘The Mess We’ve Made’ set for release in April 2024.

The band is embarking on their first-ever UK tour (The Waterlust UK Tour) to promote Human Beings, heading to Brighton, London, Bristol, Leeds, and Newcastle. The first stop in this series of concerts will take place in Brighton on October 21st at The Folklore Rooms.  Make sure to support this up-and-coming act if you have the chance.

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Words Javier Rodriguez