Jiré Saffron Welcomes You To ‘Hotel Casa Amor’

A sultry RnB jam, ‘Hotel Casa Amor’ displays Jiré Saffron’s power of seduction.

Jiré Saffron ‘Hotel Casa Amor’

A sultry RnB jam, “Hotel Casa Amor” displays Jiré Saffron’s power of seduction

Let the rose petals rain from the ceiling along the hallway. Jiré Saffron is patiently waiting for you with a bottle of Champagne in his hands. His new single “Hotel Casa Amor” is on, filling up the room dripping with passion. Our songster will be your all-purpose servant (at some point he even suggests he might literally be a professional, make of it what you will…) and he is intent on making this a night you’ll never forget…

The classy lounge RnB beat rides a piano melody, creating a beguiling sophisti-pop-esque soundscape, in a “Neyo meets Lady Sade” style. His smooth, breathy vocals are pretty convincing in making you believe they are coming from a hotel room, sultrily wooing you. True to its title (Portuguese or Spanish for “Love House Hotel), this song leads you into a new haven, where “anything goes”… “You can spend the night if you can last till morning”, he tease-dares you.

However, where our Nigerian Commander of the British Empire might have opted for subtler, more vaguely suggestive words, Saffron makes good on the spicy promise carried by his surname. Lines like “We screaming” and “F*ck me like u hate me” shamelessly spell out some more explicit descriptions of his plans for the night. “You on me, and me on my best”, he coos exhaling his cheeky chutzpah. He’s good and he knows it…

Saffron self-describes as based in “New York via Dallas” and this is the third release off his EP “NoiRnB, Vol. 1: Condo on a Cloud”, already available on Spotify. Next single “Twin Flame”, is out on 20 October, introducing the project’s forthcoming second volume.

“This classy sophisti-pop tinged RnB tune is the perfect vehicle for Saffron’s seductive breathy vocals”

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Words Fernando de Oliveira Lúcio