Peter Vode Raises The White Flag ‘For a Ride’

Peter Vode wields a contagiously funky groove in a bid for reconciliation.

Peter Vode – For a Ride

A funky guitar riff ignites the song, setting the groove that carries Peter Vode’s new single, For a Ride. With his meek jazzy vocals, the Slovenian-born, Boston-trained singer makes use of all his charm to woo his estranged lover to a truce, where they can try and find some middle ground. “Enough fighting”, he goes. “Enough trying to prove each other wrong”. Isn’t it much better to be happy than to be right all the time, after all?

The tune plays like a stroll at the park in a sunny afternoon, as our lover proclaims his desire for peace and (above all) love, making use of a soaring, upbeat melody. In his charming, carefree tone, the boy does his best to show his loved one that what may seem like an unsurmountable falling out is but “an evil passing tide” and shouldn’t mean all that much in face of a love so strong and deep. “We’re in this for the long haul and not just for a ride”, he emphasises.

As the song nears its end, his bid does become progressively more dramatic, though. He even slips into his sleek falsetto and is joined by a gospel choir. C’mon, heed his call already! As Madonna once said, “now there’s no point in placing the blame”…

Unsurprisingly, this optimism-fuelled song was penned by Vode during the Covid pandemic, a time when most of us were in dire need of faith and strength to plough on through a seemingly endless muddy sea.

A singer, composer, songwriter, guitarist, producer and mixer, Peter Vode has been playing gigs back in his native Slovenia and has joined the NEC gospel ensemble to open an Earth Wind and Fire concert at the MFA museum. In order to materialise his compositions, he relies on a team of musician friends from both his home country and the land of Uncle Sam.

“The smooth funky groove gets more dramatic near the end, with the addition of a gospel choir. He does it all to woo his estranged loved one to a truce”

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Words Fernando de Oliveira Lúcio