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Cerulean Creek Paints In ‘Sentimental Colors’

Cerulean Creek’s ‘Sentimental Colors’ is one of the most interesting, mellow jazz pop tracks I’ve heard this year.

Cerulean Creek – Sentimental Colors

Hailing from California, he has blended the nuanced feel of jazz guitar and contemporary attitudes of alternative indie artists to craft a whole new aura that feels as soulful as it does melodic.

Setting the scene with its chic chord progressions, the track builds a gentle atmosphere. The sound is then carried forward with its melodic Rhodes and lively drum beats which set the stall out for the track to shine. Cutting through the airwaves, the vocal top lines where ‘Sentimental Colours’ really gives its finest moments.

The melodies and harmonies give the track its swagger and attitude which keeps the track engaging and stimulating. At its forefront, ‘Sentimental Colors’ explores themes of uncertainty and wonder while dealing with emotional discomfort and overwhelm. It’s refreshing to hear different themes and perspectives introduced in this genre, as it has a historical tendency to become saturated with love and heartbreak. By taking this creative license, Cerulean Creek has not only demonstrated his ability to weave different genres together but also to show such creative emotional intelligence.

It’s really interesting to hear how having such a multifaceted set of influences fuse together in order to produce something that has such a captivating feel. In my time I’ve heard plenty of jazz guitarists – and more than my fair share of indie bands – but never had the pleasure of listening to someone who’s had the artistry to produce an amalgamation of the two. If Thom Yorke formed an indie sleaze band with Jamiroquai and Tom Misch – you’d have something pretty close to the brilliance of Cerulean Creek… That’s a legendary set of influences to set a musical benchmark. Every note, beat and chord is delivered with an astute contextual finesse and shows how ‘Sentimental Colors’ is both artistically mature and creatively exciting. Cerulean Creek is going to be a very interesting one to watch!

‘Sentimental Colors’ is a sensational example of indie jazz pop, honing in with Cerulean Creek’s chic guitar skills and sophisticated sense of rhythm.

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Words: Alex Malpass