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Independent Artist? Discover 3 Secrets of Social Media Success

Independent Artists. How to win on social media with Major Labl

Our friends at Major Labl have just completed a research project to understand the ingredients of social media success for independent artists. If you are looking to extend your reach and engagement on social media, read on to get your free guide.

About The Research

After watching over 1,000 TikTok videos Major Labl identified 11 different archetypes to describe the type of content that was consistently delivering over 20,000 views.

The 11 social media archetypes by Major Labl

As you can see from the image above there is no archetype called ‘The Independent Artist’ and the research points out that for musicians to succeed on TikTok and other social media platforms they need to adopt the behaviours of at least one of these successful archetypes.

1. Find One Format That Works & Repeat

One of the most interesting takeaways is the type of social content you should be making. Major Labl observe that independent artists frequently fall into the trap of thinking they need to constantly be posting something new and different on social media every day.

It’s often this fear that prevents them from posting at all. However, the research points out that effective social media content often revolves around one idea or concept that is repeated over and over again.

Successful content creators find a format that works and keep repeating it. This idea of creating a campaign-able format is nothing new. After all, that’s the secret behind advertising campaigns like Guinness. The story is always about the wait and expectation, but the execution changes. Or think how those Jack Daniels posters you see on the London Underground always follow the same format with a different story about their heritage.

This consistent repetition actually helps viewers to recognise the content in their social feeds and helps them start to look out for it. As Major Labl explain our brains are hard-wired to look for shortcuts and we gravitate to certainty and the things we know and like. So it stands to reason if we watch one video clip on TikTok and enjoy it, we will probably enjoy another one which is similar.

2. Avoid The Standard Performance Video

Another key recommendation for independent artists is to avoid the standard performance video. Sadly there is nothing interesting about another independent musician showing up and playing an acoustic guitar, or sitting at a piano. The artists that win on social media have all identified something unique or different, that makes their performances stand out on social media. @Gabisklar sits and thumps her hand while singing, while @walkofftheearth have become famous for their elaborate cover versions and unusual instruments. Consider what could elevate your performance to the next level of engagement.

3. Evoke Emotion

There is a reason why music is used in films, games and TV shows. Music helps communicate a variety of emotions. Yet when independent artists take to social media far too often this is forgotten. Emotion is replaced with a static image of the band or the artwork, and the story behind the music, or the impact it has on listeners is far too often left behind. The musicians winning on social media recognise the power of their own music to evoke emotion. Watch how @JVKE or @Willcullenofficial capture other people’s reactions to their music. It’s powerful stuff!

You can read a full description of each of these archetypes and discover more of the secrets behind their winning content by downloading Major Labl’s free guide here.

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Words Mark Knight