TYYA B Shares Empowering Single ‘My Way’

TYYA B is back with her second release of the year with ‘My Way’.

TYYA B – My Way

Keeping the momentum going, the single deals with authenticity and having a fearless identity instead of an electronic instrumental packed with clever synth hooks and catchy drum machines.

Starting with an array of synthesized musical hooks, it’s evident that TYYA B knows her way around crafting a pop hit. The lyrics waste no time with their confrontational and retrospective take on identity building, with lines like “Do I sense comparison?” and “Your bad karma’s stopping me” hammering home what’s about to unfold. The structure of ‘My Way’ is particularly exciting as it draws you in closer to listening carefully to the message Tyya is delivering and her world as an artist. This is particularly evident in the song’s chorus, which delivers the central message: “I do what I want, and I do it my way.” It’s one of the catchiest refrains I’ve heard in a track for a while… It’s practically guaranteed to roll around your head for hours on end.

One of my favourite parts of this track is the instrumentation and how different feels and styles have been blended to produce a unique result. Just in this sub-three-minute song alone (clocking in at just under two minutes and forty seconds), you can hear blends of hip-hop, electronica, and dance music. ‘My Way’ is truly reminiscent of that golden 00s period of pop culture, with similarities to Lady Gaga and Charli XCX.

It’s refreshing to see an artist in the post-TikTok era of music-making being so proud of her identity and able to be herself without feeling any guilt or fear. I think this is one of the most exciting aspects of Tyya B and what makes her appear so fun, fresh, and unique.

My Way is a sensational example of synth-pop done properly, TYYA B is unapologetically authentic and energetically unique.

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Words Alex Malpass