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Morgan Paros Wants To Know ‘What Love Is’

Morgan Paros What Love Is on Right Chord Music

Los Angeles-based multi-instrumentalist Morgan Paros returns with a new single What Love Is.

Morgan Paros – What Love Is

Morgan has already amassed thousands of streams with well-rounded singles like Last Straw, Twist The Knife, and There I Go Again.

Along the way, she’s picked up praise from music blogs including Buzzbands.la and of course, Right Chord Music, toured with pop artist Ashe and recorded and arranged strings for Shawn Mendes, Madison Beer, and Ricky Montgomery.

Thematically speaking, Morgan has always succeeded at recreating the many mysteries of the human experience through her singular vision. Such is the case for her new offering, What Love Is, a piece that is very self-explanatory in its title, depicting what it meant for this artist to get married and subsequently get divorced at a young age and figure out what love truly is the hard way.

And without getting into spoiler territory, the ending of this melody denotes Morgan’s outstanding songwriting skills, delivering a twist in these lyrics that you won’t see coming.

Despite its sour topic, this composition creates an exciting contrast thanks to its upbeat instrumentation and Morgan’s sugary voice, balancing uncertainty with catchiness in the most enticing way possible.

What Love Is is a passionate and engaging pop experience, magnificently taking us on a voyage through the bittersweet side of love.

Morgan Paros keeps showing glimpses of maturity with every release, never shying away from being as sincere as she can be, with her lyrical work coming as confessionary and highly reflective. This work might be poignant, but it is a much more genuine feeling than blind optimism or hope ever could, and it is that kind of sheer bluntness that makes her such a compelling musician.

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Words Javier Rodriguez