God From The Machine Shares ‘Somebody Lost’

After a one-year hiatus God From The Machine have returned with the introspective song Somebody Lost.

God From The Machine – Somebody Lost

Often described as reminiscent of 90s Brit rock, God From The Machine is a project that went from being an outlet for this duo to eventually becoming their main artistic priority, allowing them to leave their comfort zone and explore new facets they never had the opportunity in other bands.

Without a doubt, 2022 meant a huge step in the right direction for this outfit due to the release of the songs Given Up and The River, earning a significant amount of streams and receiving great reviews for these compositions. Fast-forward to almost a year later, this band is ready to continue where they left off with the new song Somebody Lost.

And just like their last single, this new tune ain’t necessarily about rainbows and sunshine, opting once more for poignant themes that revolve around loneliness and detachment, depicting the feelings experienced when you isolate yourself from those around you.

Keeping things simple yet effective enough with heartfelt vocals and a finger-picked guitar, Lost Somebody proves that you don’t need an ambitious instrumentation or production to make your audience feel something, especially when the subtle beats take over and turn this emotional melody into a more dynamic piece that will hit you right in the feels.

“Somebody Lost is a heart-wrenching track, dripping with raw sensitivity. “

There have been occasions when a hiatus has affected some bands, luckily, this wasn’t the case for God From The Machine, and as a matter of fact, this period seems it only benefited them creatively, returning with one of their most hard-hitting melodies to date.

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Words Javier Rodriguez