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Morgan Paros Takes A Trip Down Memory Lane ‘There I Go Again’

Morgan Paros There I Go Again on Right Chord Music

There I Go Again is Morgan Paros hymn to life, death and love.

Morgan Paros – ‘There I Go Again’

‘I skinned both my knees for the first time, I bled all the way home while crying’ is the line that opens ‘There I Go Again’ by Morgan Paros. Don’t worry – this refers to a childhood memory, and no knees were harmed in the making of this song. But it’s the kind of vivid nostalgic imagery that this track is full of. 

Morgan Paros is a singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist based in Los Angeles. She’s no newbie, with an impressive CV as a session musician and arranger for the likes of Lauv and Shawn Mendes, but now her own words and music is starting to take centre stage.

‘There I Go Again’ is a euphoric and bittersweet indie-pop anthem inspired by grief, yet dedicated to life.

The song was written after the death of Paros’ grandmother, and the personal details ache through. There’s a lot of beautiful imagery in the lyrics as Paros considers her past – ‘I lifted barbells with my father’ – her present – ‘now I’ve got a TV in my pocket’ – and how they collide as she’s ‘caught between my memories and the life that’s happened since’. Her melodies are natural and insistent, and delivered in assured vocals. 

The production is full of surprises, beginning with thrumming piano chords and Imogen Heap-style vocal harmony layering before the second verse suddenly bursts into action with crashing drums, bass and brass. The arrangement rises and falls in unexpected places, giving the track character. Fans of Maggie Rogers and Florence Welch will find something to enjoy here, it’s some classic singer-songwriter fare. 

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Words Eden Tredwell