Markomallow combines mental exhaustion and pop euphoria.

Markomallow – ‘Cry It Out’

‘My head feels heavy on the pillow…’ opens ‘Cry it out’ by Markomallow. It’s a downbeat line that’s at odds with the bubbling production and melodies, a juxtaposition that can only mean it’s a song of my favourite genre – gang, we’ve got a sad banger on our hands. 

Markomallow is a singer-songwriter hailing from Helsinki, and ‘Cry it out’ is her debut single. Interested listeners should watch out for an upcoming first EP, due in the spring.

‘Cry it out’ is a personality-filled pop track with an infectious groove, contrasting with its emotional, let-it-all-out subject matter.

Markomallow’s lyrics narrate a tale of depression and demotivation that will be familiar to many – ‘I’m sad, there is no way around it’ – and peppers it with self-doubt – ‘Is this emotion real?’ – and wry self-talk, telling herself ‘Come on, get out of bed already’. The chorus, which is particularly hooky, reaches a place of euphorically sad self-acceptance as she concedes ‘Not even gonna try…sometimes it’s good to cry…I’m just gonna cry it out.’ It’s all delivered with insistent, catchy melodies, and strong, assured lead vocals that take the sting out of the subject matter. 

The production centres around bouncing synth chords, with chiming guitar lines and grooving drums. It’s a fresh sound with enough interest to keep the attention. Markomallow shows off her vocal range with sparkling harmonies and some belting high notes. Fans of artists like Sigrid and Halsey will find plenty to enjoy here, and anyone who loves a sad-girl track with a happy-girl beat will be right on board. 

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Words Eden Tredwell