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Needshes Share Reggae Charm On ‘Just Be Around’

Needshes Just Be Around on Right Chord Music Blog

Needshes return with a big-hearted reggae track.

Needshes – ‘Just Be Around’

Reggae may not have been fashionable in a while, but for some, it never goes out of style. It’s also the latest genre to be tackled by Needshes, a.k.a multi-instrumentalist Otabek Salamov, whose previous work has spanned rock, pop, punk and more. 

Otabek Salamov hails from Uzbekistan, and through his project Needshes he has found his work featured in adverts and TV spots, and gaining international airplay. He is known for his looping live shows, which often result in improv and him playing everything from drums to flute to cello!

“Just Be Around is a feel-good reggae track perfect for that summer chill, singing of a non-judgemental kind of love.”

‘Every time you’re not around, it’s emptiness…but when you’re near it’s always summer’ sings Salamov with his simple yet heartfelt lyrics. The chorus is endearing as he tells his loved one, ‘smile if you wanna smile, cry if you wanna cry, just be around’. This is all combined with natural, easygoing melodies, with the chorus being deceptively memorable. Salamov’s vocals are confident and warm on the track. 

The production has a skanking guitar and some laid-back snapping beats – what else would you expect in reggae? But there’s enough interest to find in the flickering bass and the touches of pipe instruments. Warm synth pads fill out the track, and brass riffs grow into an outro that is almost carnival-like in atmosphere. At over 5 minutes, it’s probably too long, but it’s a polished and enjoyable time. Fans of reggae will definitely enjoy this, but anyone looking for new discoveries should check out Needshe’s varied catalogue. 

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Words Eden Tredwell