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Iraina Mancini Shares Her Joyous Debut Album ‘Undo The Blue’

Iraina Mancini Undo The Blue album on Right Chord Music

To say the debut album by Iraina Mancini was hotly anticipated would be an understatement. Well, it’s finally arrived and it lives up to every expectation.

Introducing Iraina Mancini

Iraina’s love affair with music stretches back to her childhood when she spent her time immersed in her dad’s Northern Soul records. By her early 20s, she was a familiar presence in the DJ booth at many discerning London club nights. Her love of French ye-ye, British freakbeat, Brazilian bossa nova, soul, and Turkish psych was established and is now shared with the listeners of her Soho Radio show.

Undo The Blue

Seemingly always a singer, Iraina has built her sound and her songs via a growing collection of collaborators including Jagz Kooner (Sabres Of Paradise), Sunglasses For Jaws (Miles Kane) Simon Dine (Paul Weller, Noonday Underground) Kitty Liv (Kitty Daisy & Lewis). Now with the arrival of her debut album, we’re seeing a joyous collision between her historic influences and her own evolving sonic palette.

Regular readers and visitors to Right Chord Music will be familiar with a string of her singles from Iraina Mancini including Undo The Blue, Deep End, Shotgun and What You Doin’ each has been met with gushing enthusiasm and excitement.

Now these familiar faces are packaged up alongside some new treats which also contain a reassuringly familiar retro sound. In some ways it’s like being reacquainted with a lost friend, you know the one that you can instantly just fall back into easy conversation with.

Listening to Undo The Blue is a wonderful aural experience. The overwhelming feeling is positivity and sunshine. While writing this review, words like joyous and glorious rolled off the tongue. I’m sure if I wanted to dive deeper into the lyrics I could find themes of lost love and uncertainty, but for today I’m quite content with the glow of happiness that radiates from this record. On that note, check out track 6 My Umbrella, and the title track Undo The Blue, amazing.

Ultimately this album is a lot of fun, and hell we could all do with some of that in our lives at the moment. To add to the fun Iraina is selling a beautiful vinyl of this album, via Needle Mythology. If you are new to vinyl, this would be a great way to start your collection.

If you want to hear this album live, check out Iraina Mancini across the UK.

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Words Mark Knight