Discover AYLA’s grand indie pop loved-and-lost anthem.

AYLA – ‘Fire and Wine’

What comes to mind when you think of fire and wine? A really good bonfire party? A night with an old lover? That terrible incident at the Moulin Rouge? Dangerous substances both, but here AYLA elevates them to glory in her euphoric track, as ‘Fire and Wine’ proves to be the inevitable destination of heartbreaks. 

AYLA is an Australian singer-songwriter and self-described ‘pop chameleon’. After a breakout hit with ‘Wish I Was’ she’s released a string of well-received singles, and this is the latest.

‘Fire and Wine’ is a shimmeringly euphoric indie-pop track dedicated to loving, losing and doing it anyway.

The lyrics are rich with nostalgia, opening with ‘We used to walk by the tennis court, then come back at night with the colours gone’. There’s both sorrow – ‘Why’d you have to break my…’ – and regret – ‘I’m sorry for the wasted mornings’ – but they’re balanced out by the sense of joy in the music. There’s a rueful reminiscence for the days of ‘fire and wine’, all delivered with AYLA’s quirky yet well-crafted melodies and distinctive, emotional vocal delivery. 

The production centres around a haunting, retro synth line, then builds up with a bubbling bass and sharp beats. But there are nice unexpected moments too – some dreamy piano chords, a wailing electric guitar, frantic strings, keeping the track fresh. There’s also excellent use of backing vocals, creating a lush wall of sound. With influences from pop, country, indie and electro, many listeners will find something to love here and should keep an eye out for an upcoming EP. 

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Words Eden Tredwell