Elsa’s latest release is a soulful tale of love, hope and the rise from the inevitable fallout of love.

Elsa – Fall

There is something very authentic about Elsa Mae Geyer aka Elsa’s voice which has been picked up and championed by the likes of BBC Radio London, 1Xtra and Reprezent Radio. Her music has also found its way onto TV, featuring on this year’s Love Island. Not bad considering the singer, hailing from South London, has just released her second single, ‘Fall’, which landing in the middle of summer (if you can call it that!) teems with a balmy, smooth, urban vibe exploring the nuances of falling in love. As on her previous debut single ‘As You Please’ released in April, the track is awash with the singer’s rich voice and lush sonics with a trip-hop beat at its core.

Reflective piano chords set the tone with swelling almost cinematic widescreen sounds creating a realm of possibilities for Elsa’s R&B vocals to question and explore. The trumpet of Jackson Mathod gives the track a shimmering, jazzy ornamentation, like a haze of sunlight dissolving on the horizon.  Essentially Elsa has created an urban equivalent of the 90’s NY hip hop records from bands like Stetsasonic and Gang Starr that sampled jazz cuts from the Blue Note record label.   

“Fall is a playful track all about new beginnings and all the possibilities that come with new love. It’s about trusting the fall. It’s a song to move to, to feel sexy’.

Elsa is an artist that lives and breathes her artistry – the video to accompany the track is all self-directed and self-produced – and with her potent voice, emotional lyrics and ear for sounds that blend and expand, it’s safe to say that she is a singer on the rise.

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Words Andrew Gutteridge