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A Void Battle The Fear of Failure On ‘The Gutter’

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Grunge trio A Void explores the depths of introspection on their latest single The Gutter.

A Void – The Gutter

Hailing originally from Paris, France, and now thriving in the vibrant music scene of London, UK, A Void stands out as a grunge trio with a DIY ethos. Drawing inspiration from a diverse spectrum ranging from the likes of Hole and Deftones to Bjork, Daniel Balavoine, and Sonic Youth, the band’s roots trace back to its formation in 2015 by lead singer Camille Alexander, drummer Roman Zaborski, and bassist Robin Dickinson. Their debut EP, Roses As Insides, emerged in June 2016, marking the inception of a musical journey marked by evolution and creativity.

Through subsequent lineup changes and a string of releases, including singles and two LPs, Awkward and Devastated (2018) and Dissociation (2022), A Void has consistently showcased their commitment to visual creativity. All five singles from Dissociation were accompanied by music videos directed and edited by the talented frontwoman, Camille Alexander.

In their latest creation, The Gutter, A Void delves into the challenges faced by artists, exploring themes of the fear of failure and the pervasive toxicity of social media. The unmistakable influence of grunge permeates the track, with Alexander’s vocals channelling the raw intensity reminiscent of Hole’s Courtney Love or Brody Dalle which enhances the overall anxiety-fueled narrative. The instrumentation mirrors the established structures of the grunge genre, featuring angsty riffs and a steady bass that builds towards an explosive chorus.

The Gutter stands as a powerful homage to grunge, a meticulously crafted alt-rock single that captivates listeners with its authenticity.

Catch A Void live this month in France

  • December 8th – Issy-les-Moulineaux/France, Arche 22 – Reacteur – Clavim.
  • December 9th – Bordeaux/France, Sonatic.

Excitingly, they have already secured numerous performances for 2024, including an appearance at the Rebellion Festival in Blackpool.

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Words Javier Rogriguez