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Brianna Scully Releases ‘Touch’ Ahead of EP

Brianna Scully Touch on Right Chord Music

Brianna Scully releases the third single from her highly anticipated debut EP, ‘MANIC” set for release this autumn. ‘Touch’ discusses the darkest of topics through the sweetest of vocal tones.

Brianna Scully – Touch

A delicately crafted track that exposes Scully’s deepest thoughts, the American solo-artist stunningly makes the story of past traumas and an awful experience digestible to her listeners, which is no easy task. Moving back to her parents’ home in Florida after living in New York for a period of time, Scully found herself drawn back to her creative roots. Finding herself returning to the piano and putting pen to paper, she felt more dedicated to her craft than ever before.

Making the decision to reside in LA thanks to the support of her loved ones, the artist crossed paths with writer and producer Brandon Lew, which allowed her new-found creativity to truly flourish. Deeply influenced by Lizzy McAlpine, Samia, Holly Humberstone, Sabrina Carpenter and Masie Peters, the singer-songwriter is proud to be releasing her debut EP.

“Touch”, featuring Polf (aka Brandon Lew), explores brutally honest self-discoveries, serving as an outlet for Scully to discuss her past trauma. Addressing her heartbreaking experiences with sexual assault, the song focuses on a particular experience at age 15. Taken advantage of by an individual she believed to be her friend, the single is a recollection of her memory of that night, and an exploration into the knock-on effects regarding trust and intimacy in other relationships. A song. “filled with anger, confusion and exhaustion”, Scully has expressed anxiety about the release, but is standing up to be a support for other survivors. 

Fusing electronic synth textures with strings and guitar, “Touch” is a sonically beautiful track that will take you through the emotions. You will feel confusion, heartbreak, anger and fear, but whether you resonate with Scully’s experiences or not, you will also feel her strength and courage. One thing is for certain: We are in for a haunting, unforgettable debut EP.

“It is always so admirable to hear an artist share their deepest thoughts and experiences with their listeners: Brianna Scully is a powerful, courageous individual, serving as a voice for those that have struggled as she has. Not every musician can be as crystal clear as Brianna Scully, and we adore her for it.”

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Words by Rhí McPhelim