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Georgia Ray Hopes You ‘Regret It’

Georgia Ray - Regret It on Right Chord Music

Georgia Ray graces us once again with her newest single, ‘Regret It’, a guitar-infused and heartfelt ballad that weaves a tale of introspection and redemption. 

Georgia Ray – Regret It

The singer-songwriter from Melbourne isn’t afraid to reveal her emotions and pour her heart into her latest track, which revolves around her desire for a former lover to feel remorse for past actions, presumably when he caused her heartbreak. Georgia Ray’s experimental nature shines through as she incorporates elements of pop rock and country into the song. The result is a beautifully produced tribute to heartache, where regret becomes the prevailing sentiment.

‘Regret It’ is a straightforward song that delivers its message directly. It begins with a soothing guitar rhythm, and Georgia remains resolute in her stance as she sings, “I hope you regret it when you’re sitting all alone on a Friday night / You’re getting drunk off cheap red wine.” This imagery represents a moment of solitude, potentially conveying feelings of emptiness or dissatisfaction that the listener wishes the person to experience as a consequence of their past actions. The line, “We had something so good and you threw it away / You may never find that kind of love again,” emphasises the significance of the lost connection and hints at possible regrets the other person may face for letting go of something extraordinary. Georgia Ray’s emotive vocals harmoniously complement the guitar-dominated soundscape. 

Although this song represents a slower pace compared to her previous work on ‘Hypnotherapy’, Georgia’s unwavering passion for music and songwriting remains as bright as ever. She has earned the distinction of being labelled as ‘One to Watch’ by the Nashville Songwriters’ Association (NSAI), highlighting her promising talent. Without a doubt, she is someone worth keeping an eye on, especially considering her creative endeavours in the studio. Excitingly, she is scheduled to release her EP later this year!

“Regret It gracefully takes the stage as a radio-tailored pop ballad, effortlessly tugging at listeners’ heartstrings through Georgia Ray’s exquisite passion and artistry.” 

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Words Abby Teodosio