Bursting onto the indie-pop scene at only age seventeen, bedroom singer-songwriter and producer Kyle has become a truly inspiring, multi-talented artist in four short years.


Dropping his freshman album, ‘As the Hours Bleed” in 2022, Kyle is proud to unveil his third full-length collection, ‘ME, EXPERIENCING MYSELF’ as the Summer season fully kicks in. Introspective in title and sound, the LP explores a sonic reinvention of himself that has developed between albums and sees the singer more confident than ever before.  Seamlessly weaving together elements of pop, R ‘n’ B, funk and psychedelia into an innovative tapestry of sound, the album breathes colour, life and self-growth, drawing comparisons to top indie acts Alfie Templeman, Benson Boone and Daniel Caesar.

Delving into profound and existential themes, mysteries of life and finding one’s role in this “expansive cosmos”,  the album is one for the highs, the lows, the late night drives and the still early mornings. Rooted in unfiltered authenticity and palpable emotion, the album is a visceral journey oscillating between introspective ballads and electrifying anthems, leaving something for every indie fan.

Opening with the mesmerising, “BETTER OFF DEAD”, this track indicates great things across the entire album, blending atmospheric production and soaring vocals.  Succeeded by personal favourites, the pop-bop “DUDE”, the glowing “THE FACE ON THE MOON” and the groove-fueled “SPILT MILK”, the artist explains that the collection “serves as an invitation to surrender to the rhythmic cadence, to embrace the untamed essence of existence, and to embark on a voyage of self-discovery”. Ultimately, the expansive album becomes a transcendent odyssey – a bold assertion of individuality and an exhilarating escapade of sound and poetry.

If you have a taste for wonderful and wacky textures, electronic and acoustic instrumentation and rich-as-chocolate vocals, then “ME, EXPERIENCING MYSELF” is the album you’ve been waiting for.

 “This is an album of true indie quality – one of the best indie-pop LPs of 2024. It’s a blessing to be acquainted with such a fresh-thinking, skilled solo-force in 2024, and we’re so excited to see what’s next for Kyle.”

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Words Rhí McPhelim