Prospect Lux. EP1 (RCM Exclusive)

Prospect Lux is the alter ego of Brooklyn-based multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter and producer, Michael Spivack. EP-1, Prospect Lux’s 5-track debut, is a collection of tracks that bounce between atmospheric, melancholic yet optimistic electro-acoustic sounds. Second track “Screen Time” sets the tone for the EP and features a Foals-esque riff over a sound that had us thinking

First Signs of Love No. 171 CeaseTone

There is something reassuring consistent about Icelandic music, somehow it never seems to disappoint and the latest exports CeaseTone are no different. Their crafted blend of electronic indie does what we demand of all our First Signs of Love featured artists, it stops us in our tracks and makes us want to listen again and

Lucy Mason – Seas of Grey

  Introducing the new video from Australian singer-songwriter Lucy Mason, it’s a glitchy electro pop gem. Born in Australia but spending her teenage years in Weybridge, Surrey, Lucy fell in love with London’s music scene. Influenced by No Doubt, Smashing Pumpkins, The Cranberries and Radiohead and learning the guitar aged 13, Lucy knew she wanted

Artist of The Week. Officer (Myriads album)

The story of how Officer’s debut album Myriads came about has been told before, but is worth telling again.  Friends of the singer launched a crowd funding campaign on his behalf, without his knowledge.  Officer, aka David Logan, had no idea until he was told that he now had enough funding to record his debut

First Signs Of Love No.125 – Parla

Parla are made up of singer / songwriter Richard Walters (former front man of Theremin and once signed to Radiohead’s Courtyard Management as a solo artist) and acclaimed producer Guy Sigsworth, who’s impressive production credits include Madonna, Bjork and Britney Spears. With this kind of experience and talent you can understand how we were confident

RCM Interview. Emma Owens – Rormix

Please introduce yourself, who are you and what do you do? I am Emma, I am CMO and one of the few but very proud ladies in tech at a Manchester based tech start-up called Rormix. We’ve just made an app for iOS and Android and my main roles involve liaising with artists, app marketing

Artist Of The Week. Minute Taker

Like so many timeless acts before him, Minute Taker is Manchester born and bred.  The solo project of song writing producer Ben McGarvey, Minute Taker is a playful look at the modernity of folk pop. His sound is something quite unique, but folktronica seems the best way of describing it. McGarvey’s music offers the best

All Eyes – Lost You Once

Lost You Once is taken from the forthcoming album, Shelf Life and serves to be a beautiful introduction to Minneapolis based four-piece, All Eyes. Judging from this track they are producers of dreamy, eletro-infused guitar pop.  There are shades of the Select Ambient Works of Aphex Twin, the melodies of Portishead and dischordened delicacy of

#FSOL 20. Tony Njoku ‘All My Life’

FSOL (First Signs Of Love) is a feature we use when we stumble upon something that makes our heart race. There is a feeling of optimism that maybe, just maybe we’ve found a new musical love. Like any new love the early days are crucial, who knows how things will work out? But at that moment

Blackchords: Dance Dance Dance / As Night Falls 2012

After 12 months of writing and recording, Melbourne’s Blackchords are back and excited to release the much-awaited first single ‘Dance Dance Dance’ on May 21st. The track will be given away as a free download from their BandCamp page and is taken from their forthcoming second album, due for release later this year. The single is