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Jessi Mac Is ‘Still Dreaming’

Jessi Mac Still Dreaming review on Right Chord Music

West London’s Jessi Mac, delves into personal turmoil on her new folk, alt-rock single ‘Still Dreaming’.

Jessi Mac – Still Dreaming

When discussing Jessi Mac, one delves into the realm of an artist deeply rooted in music. Having dedicated most of her life to performance, she began her journey at the renowned BRIT school. Her songwriting delves into a myriad of themes, ranging from the nuances of adulthood to the intricacies of modern life, politics, and identity, all presented with a candid and straightforward approach.

Drawing inspiration from artists such as Kate Bush, Radiohead, Elliott Smith, and Fleetwood Mac, Jessi’s eclectic influences shine through in her versatile musicianship.

Born from a challenging chapter in Jessi’s London journey, her latest single, Still Dreaming, confronts feelings of anxiety. It chronicles a time when Jessi grappled with loneliness, evading social gatherings, and feeling trapped in a routine, all while wrestling with guilt over her perceived fortune compared to others. Despite this emotional turmoil, the song emerges as a beacon of positivity amidst the storm.

With an almost hypnotic aura, Still Dreaming effortlessly captures a dreamy essence. Guided by gentle guitar melodies and Jessi’s velvety vocals, the song floats gracefully like clouds across the expansive sky. Enhanced by soothing harmonies, it offers a cathartic solace to the listener’s soul.

“Still Dreaming is an endearing folk gem, enriched by its compelling lyrics and impeccable production quality.”

Still Dreaming offers an extraordinary experience, adeptly articulating relatable emotions. What sets it apart is its ability to encapsulate a range of feelings, accompanied by a remarkable soundtrack that intensifies these intricate sentiments. Jessi Mac emerges as a burgeoning talent worth discovering without delay.

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Words Javier Rodriguez