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Mesa Jane Reshapes Radiohead’s ‘All I Need’

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Discover Mesa Jane’s dreamy electronica take.

Mesa Jane – ‘All I Need’

‘It’s all wrong, it’s all right…’ echoes the familiar refrain of ‘All I Need’. But under the guidance of Mesa Jane, it’s dreamy, euphoric almost, in a nightmarish sort of way. As the saying goes, it’s something familiar and something peculiar, but definitely something that should please the indie, 90s, and electronica fans in the room. 

Mesa Jane is a genre-blending artist from the Philadelphia area whose music has been described as ‘alternative vibe pop’. Her music has found its way into television, festivals and award nominations. Normally known for her original music, this release marks a rare step into the world of covers.

‘All I Need’ is a thrumming track that retains all the tension of the original, but adds its own hypnotic touches.

Radiohead’s lyrics remain striking, depicting a desperate love – ‘I am a moth who just wants to share your light, I am an insect trying to get out of the night’ – and their melodies are still compelling. But they’re given fresh life here by Mesa Jane’s vocals, showing off an impressive low range for a female voice, smooth yet thrilling. 

The production keeps the familiar, pulsating bass line and general feel of the track, but pulls back the beats into something more whispery. There are stings of synths at unexpected moments, and Imogen Heap-esque layered vocals and harmonies. It maintains the eerie feel of the original but adds just enough newness to interest – listeners who enjoy it should consider checking out Mesa Jane’s impressive catalogue of singles and albums. 

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