Sunset Sons – On The Road

Sunset Sons released new single, ‘On The Road’, on October 16 through the FRENCH EXIT label, and recently played the first edition of London’s new Community Festival. Sunset Sons came into being when Rory, Pete, Jed and Rob encountered each other whilst pursuing their love of surfing in the sleepy French beach town of Hossegor. Drummer Jed came across frontman Rory

Lucy Mason – Seas of Grey

  Introducing the new video from Australian singer-songwriter Lucy Mason, it’s a glitchy electro pop gem. Born in Australia but spending her teenage years in Weybridge, Surrey, Lucy fell in love with London’s music scene. Influenced by No Doubt, Smashing Pumpkins, The Cranberries and Radiohead and learning the guitar aged 13, Lucy knew she wanted

First Signs of Love No. 170 The Sherlocks

There was a time, not so long ago when you couldn’t move for ‘The’ bands, ‘The’ bands had guitars, zest and passion, they made music exciting and nights out last that bit longer.  Then they all seemed to disappear, replaced by passionless electro pop acts. Maybe now the guitar is back? Lets hope so! The

First Signs of Love N0 161. Kitty Finer

Solo artist Kitty Finer will be releasing brand new single ‘Girls In The Garage’ in September, the single is taken from previous EP ‘Lobby Star’ ahead of it’s release we invite you to check out the brilliant video directed by Raincoats member and filmmaker Gina Birch who has previously made promos for the likes of

Blogtober - Officer

RCM Exclusive. Officer – My Darling Defibrillator (Making the Video)

‘Intense, intelligent and imaginative. My Darling Defibrillator by Officer, like the rest of the tracks on his début album, Myriads, is more than a song; it’s a romantic adventure novel that you can’t put down.’   Right Chord Music   The Red Red, is a Hampshire based company consisting of Jake Hawkins and Rob Luckins. They have a

Sauna Youth – Transmitters

This is Sauna Youth ‘Transmitters,’ propelled by high energy indie and jabbing guitars it’s immediately infectious. Check out the video below, filmed among the ruins of The Crystal Palace Terraces, Transmitters is a playful and poetic ode to desire. Directed, shot and edited by Gary Mcquiggin of Welywyn Garden City, known for his work previously with The