Subterranean Street Society Strike Out On ‘Killing For Fun’

Following the success of their latest album, folk-rock rising act Subterranean Street Society are back with a compelling new single and accompanying video for ‘Killing For Fun’.

Subterranean Street Society – Killing For Fun

The past year and a half has been transformative for Danish-Dutch alternative rock outfit, Subterranean Street Society. With extensive tours across the UK and the release of their latest LP, Bleep, this dynamic trio has been on a relentless journey, satisfying their craving for live performances in the post-COVID era.

Unlike their previous albums, Bleep was crafted and recorded within a single year, with the entire band channelling their collective energy into its creation. The result? An up-tempo folk-grunge masterpiece, unleashed on March 8th, accompanied by a whirlwind club tour across the Netherlands, another UK tour, and a lineup of Dutch autumn shows recently announced.

From the depths of this full-length album emerges the standout track, Killing For Fun. It’s an intelligent commentary on the pervasive influence of Americanization, permeating the world through art, music, fashion, and perpetual conflict. With a touch of biting sarcasm, the song portrays a superpower masquerading as a hero, a self-proclaimed protagonist in an epic narrative.

Moreover, Killing For Fun boasts a deliberate pace in its instrumentation, characterized by restrained drum beats, understated basslines, and consistently delivered guitar riffs. The track crescendos during the dynamic chorus, where impassioned vocals deliver bluntly explicit lyrics with unapologetic fervour.

“Killing For Fun is a bold declaration, underscored by its captivating musicality, creating an immersive listening experience that effortlessly combines intensity with appeal.”

In addition to the provocative track, STS has unveiled a music video that serves as a powerful visual companion. Featuring a collage of American propaganda and pop culture icons, including politicians, celebrities, and athletes, the video confronts various aspects of contemporary society head-on. This striking visual presentation amplifies the impact of its powerful message.

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Words Javier Rodriguez