Napoleon Baby! Prove Their Worth On Debut EP ‘Unworthy Boys’

Napoleon Baby! are bursting onto the scene with their first major offering,‘Unworthy Boys’, in the shape of a debut EP. Formed in New Zealand, though comprised of two Brits, the group have been making waves across Oceania as they set their sights on going global with this five-track EP.

Napoleon Baby! – Unworthy Boys

Starting with its gritty basslines and chugging guitars, the ‘Unworthy Boys’ EP kicks off with the opener ‘The Company’. It’s refreshing to hear such a mix of contemporary and legendary influences to bolster Napoleon Baby’s sound into something that feels as intense as it does exciting. Instrumentally, the track brings strong undertones of bands like The Stooges & Fontaines DC whilst ensuring a sharp post-punk edge to keep the record intense. This energy is blissfully maintained with the second track, ‘Technically Smart Boys’. Telling tales of micro-celebrity and small-town fame, the alt-punk-disco anthem captures the fleeting glory of adolescence.

‘Positive Reinforcement’ has echoes of a certain Alex Turner and perhaps wouldn’t sound out of place on Monkeys’ album ‘Suck It and See’. The lightest offering of the collection so far, the track follows the aftermath of a conversation with an industry professional telling the trio to be more positive in their songwriting. “I wanted to vomit on his sweet face”, tells the group as they rush into the studio to record their anti-industry pop jibe.

The energy soon rushes back in with ‘Outlaws’, with cutting melodies as cathartic as they are rhythmic. It’s within punk-esque anthems such as this where Napoleon Baby! shows their true colours, presenting a no-holds-barred approach reminiscent of The Jam and Oasis. This might just be my favourite track of the EP with its unforgiving drum beat that just keeps punching. It’s tracks like this which make me feel excited for the future of alt music. Napoleon Baby are truly one to watch.

The EP closes with the apt ‘Goodbye, Good Luck’ as the trio sign off on their debut EP. Despite its soft nature, what the track doesn’t have in tempo it makes up for in intensity. Kicking off from its humble starting point, the energy in the closer builds until it reaches its heady, shoegaze climax before melting away into the soundwaves.

The ‘Unworthy Boys EP has the attitude and authenticity to be noticed and is sure to cement Napoleon Baby! as one of the most exciting breakthrough artists of 2024. 

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Words Alex Malpass