Matthew Phillips Stays Positive On ‘Time Fades Love’

San Diego’s Matthew Phillips is back with his third official release, a hopeful anthem titled Time Fades Love.

Matthew Phillips Time Fades Love

Emerging from Southern California, Matthew Phillips is an up-and-coming musician making waves in his native San Diego. His talent for seamlessly blending electronic textures, cinematic soundscapes, and catchy, hook-filled songwriting sets him apart. Notably, his guitar skills have attracted the attention of top guitar manufacturers such as Fender, Ernie Ball, Taylor, and Seymour Duncan, among others.

Matthew Phillips’ first two singles, So In Love and Till It’s Over, were released in 2023 and succeeded greatly. The music video for Till It’s Over garnered over 300,000 views. Following this milestone, Matthew was awarded Best Pop Artist at the San Diego Music Awards in 2024.

Continuing his upward trajectory, Matthew Phillips has released his third single, Time Fades Love. This powerful rock tune conveys a message about never giving up on someone you care about. While it may initially seem like a romantic song, its meaning applies to any loved one—whether a friend or a significant other. The song embodies hope, faith in each other, and working things out through adversity.

“When time fades love away, there is hope…”

Driven by lively guitar chords and emotional piano arrangements, Time Fades Love quickly evolves into an uplifting track. It alternates between energizing instrumentation during the passionate chorus and soothing verses that showcase Matthew’s vocal talents. The official music video, featuring Matthew performing to a packed live audience, adds another layer of excitement to the single.

“Time Fades Love is an electrifying alt-rock track filled with passion.”

In a short time, Matthew Phillips has accomplished a lot, from performing at iconic venues to having his music featured in TV and film. If you’re looking for an exciting new artist or a song that hits you right in the feels, Matthew Phillips is the one to watch.

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Words Javier Rodriguez