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Wingspeak Shares Rock Radio Inspired ‘Right Here’

wingspeak Right Here

wingspeak leaves you head-banging to nostalgic melodies with her track ‘Right Here’.

wingspeak – Right Here

‘Right Here’ delivers exactly what you want it to, and so much more! wingspeak, aka. Bianca hailing from Toronto is quite simply flourishing and spreading her wings as she explores her unapologetic passion for music. Continuously delivering catchy pop-rock tracks, you are truly whisked away into nostalgic beats reminiscent of those from throughout the decades.

Her latest single ‘Right Here’ continues this delightful thread by taking us on a trip to the noughties, having been proclaimed as “inspired by 2000’s radio rock” and we are here for it. We are embraced with guitars and a subtle but catchy melody that immediately gets the head banging and the feet tapping. And this is wrapped up with a bow when topped off with wingspeak’s honey-sweet and smooth vocals.

‘Right Here’ is a catchy, nostalgic, fun fest that you can’t help but have on repeat.

The prominent beat enhances the vibe so that you can totally imagine ‘Right Here’ being featured on the aforementioned 2000’s radio. You can hear the influences and throwback hints of prominent artists such as Sum 41 and Avril Lavigne radiating through this track, and it comes together like bread and butter. 

There’s a soft teen angst impression that echoes through which only adds to the radio rock feel. wingspeak describes ‘Right Here’ as someone being “stubborn about moving on from a person who doesn’t even reciprocate what you feel,” which bolsters that vibe.

‘Right Here’ feels like a throwback but injects a fresh charm that keeps you engaged. Quite simply, you need to listen to ‘Right Here’, right now.

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Words Holly Hammond